Building our future selves

Who We Are

Through lilSTAR, students join together across various interest areas to learn how to build tangible solutions to real world problems.

lilSTAR is a city-wide program made up of local technology professionals and volunteers to provide the following for underserved youth in San Diego, CA

We provide:
In-school Partnerships
Afterschool Programs
Community Workshops
Weekend Camps
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For the technologists of tomorrow who need to learn the fundamentals of building solutions for a healthy, cooperative, and just society, lilSTAR prepares youth for exciting, emerging careers. lilSTAR staff shares common understandings of the culture and learning styles of the underserved community.

Mission Statement

Building our future selves.
We teach! We mentor! We build!

lilSTAR builds, educates, and mentors the youth in underserved communities of San Diego, CA. This is accomplished by technology professionals and dedicated volunteers who provide industry insight and serve as visible role models.

We are committed.

Lonnie Boswell

Lonnie Boswell, Christian-community leader, teacher, motivational speaker and Entrepreneur inspires and equips youth with the knowledge to lead passionate lives.

Dominique Gary

Dominique Gary, Behavior Specialist, is an expert on program direction and youth-organization administration.

Christa Green

Christa Green, National Youth Director and nonprofit owner, is passionate about protecting young people and building their community citizenship.

Leslie Hardiman (EdD)

Leslie Hardiman (EdD), Principal, is an expert on 21st-century skills–collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Jamaal Knight (Juris Doctorate)

Jamaal Knight (Juris Doctorate), Solar Power Entrepreneur, is dedicated to community enrichment and technogy enthusiasm.

Spurgeon Thomas, CSM

Spurgeon Thomas, an IT Professional and volunteer, is dedicated to community improvement and preparing young people for their futures.